Our premium product VESTA is now used on more than 70 different kind of crops. As we support the soil and the roots to better take up nutrient and strengthen the immune system of the crop to resist diseases, our product is independent of what kind of crops you are treating. You might think that it works better on some crops than others, but that is not the situation.

The microbial status can be different from one crop at a specific field to another field, so it is so more complex than just looking at the crop – but we are always getting better results compared to a reference field in the same area. We have below listed several different kinds of crops, and tells some of our experiences, but be aware that the list is not complete.

Apricots (and other tree fruits like cherries, peaches, apple, pears etc.)

One of the most professional nurseries have used VESTA for many years on all their crops.


Reduced the risk of corky root disease in lettuce and increased yield considerably. See the studies and pictures.

Grains and corn


Oranges and other citrus fruits

Other vegetables

Other fruits